SEVENTEEN Lost It When Hearing Dino’s Advice To His 17-Year-Old Self

They didn’t see the savage answer coming 😂

During an interview with Melon, SEVENTEEN took the time to answer fans’ burning questions. One Carat was especially curious about the advice they’d give to their seventeen-year-old selves.

Living up to his maknae (youngest member) title, Dino gave them an answer they didn’t see coming.


Catching everyone off guard, Dino turned the serious moment into a humorous one. He answered, “To my seventeen-year-old self, ‘Run!’

The members laughed so hard at the witty response that they complimented Dino for delivering a funny moment.

As SEVENTEEN continued to laugh, Dino warned his seventeen-year-old self to use his last opportunity to return to his hometown.

This is your only chance, Chan. Run while you can. Go back to Iksan!

— Dino

Even when the group moved on to another question, they couldn’t stop laughing. Keeping them entertained, Dino confirmed that his seventeen-year-old self would’ve listened to his advice to run away.

Fortunately, Dino didn’t run away before their debut and became part of the crazy SEVENTEEN family.