SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Had A Creepy Encounter With 2 Ghosts—Here’s What Happened

This is so creepy 😨

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan had a terrifying encounter with 2 ghosts in his own home!

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

Jeonghan recently appeared on Rain‘s variety show, Season B Season, with his fellow SEVENTEEN members, Dino and Vernon. Since the episode was set to air close to Halloween, the show’s staff asked the members if they had any ghost stories to share.

| Season B Season/YouTube

During the scary story segment, Jeonghan told everyone about his recent encounter with ghosts at his house. He said he “kept feeling so weird” in his house, even when he was washing up.

There was such a creepy vibe in the house that Jeonghan felt as if he shouldn’t close his eyes.

One day, one of Jeonghan’s friends came over to the house to watch a movie. While they watched the film, Jeonghan drank some whiskey.

When Jeonghan was done with his whiskey, he put his glass down. His friend thought he heard Jeonghan ask him for some wine, but Jeonghan told him he hadn’t spoken. His friend thought Jeonghan was joking, so he said, “Stop playing with me. I’m creeped out.” 

Jeonghan noticed more weird things on his own, too. He said he’d been practicing his handwriting lately, and he left a pencil on his notebook one day. The notebook was on the white desk in his room.

One day, Jeonghan noticed that his desk underneath the notebook was covered in doodles, even though the pencil and notebook were exactly where he had left them. He thought this was particularly strange because he was the only person who had been in the house.

Jeonghan got in touch with someone who was an expert in paranormal activity. The person told him that he had suspected Jeonghan’s house was haunted, but he didn’t tell him because he thought Jeonghan would be scared.

The man told Jeonghan they had dreamt about his house, and he could probably draw Jeonghan’s room based on the details from the dream.

The man said he’d seen Jeonghan’s bedroom in the dream, and there were 2 girls sitting on his bed and drinking wine. When Jeonghan’s friend thought he heard him ask for wine, he had actually heard one of the ghosts!

Although Jeonghan was creeped out by the story, he said he doesn’t believe that the ghosts will harm him. He also said he thinks the ghosts will leave soon.

See Jeonghan tell his scary story and the rest of the Season B Season episode below.