SEVENTEEN’s Jun Didn’t Hesitate To Help A Fan Who Was Having Trouble With Their Sign

He couldn’t move on without helping them.

For SEVENTEEN‘s BE THE SUN tour across North America, Jun left fans breathless with his sexiness. He also showed his soft side when helping a fan during their stop in Washington, DC.

Jun | @pledis_17/Twitter

While the members were on stage waving to fans, Jun noticed a Carat in the crowd who needed a bit of help with their fan sign.

Because of how chaotic concerts can be, especially near the front of the stage, the fan had their sign in the wrong position. Jun motioned to let the fan know they were holding it upside down.

After helping the fan, Jun burst into a smile as he waved at them and moved on to the others.

Even though Jun could’ve moved on without helping, fans loved how his kind personality wouldn’t let him.

The fan who’d been holding the sign was just as touched that Jun helped them.