SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, WJSN And UP10TION’s Lee Jinhyuk Share The Downsides To Dorm Living

It sure sounds tough.

Living with family is tough on some, not to mention living with your colleagues! As idols are often made to live in dorms with their members, especially during their rookie days, frustrations and small misunderstandings are bound to come up.

On a recent variety show, the girls of WJSN were asked about the worst type of people to live with. Dayoung replied by sharing an incident that happened in the dorms.

She had then just bought a really expensive facial cream that cost about $300 USD.

She was saving it so much that she never used it, and only took it out to sniff at times. It was an expensive product that she had bought after much consideration.

However, later on she realized that there were many fingermarks in her precious cream! Someone else had used it without her permission. Worse so, they had used it before she even laid her hands on it.

MC Joon commented that they didn’t even try to hide the fact that they had used her items.

Fellow member Exy commented that things like that always happen. Given that there are many members, it is hard to narrow down the culprit.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan and UP10TION‘s Jinhyuk, who are also MCs on the show, related to Dayoung so badly.

Given that SEVENTEEN and WJSN both have 13 members each while UP10TION has 10, they knew just what she was talking about!

Seungkwan explained that although each member may be different, he is on the sensitive side when it comes to these things.

There was once he wasn’t able to locate his handphone charger, so he took to the group’s chat room to talk about it.

WJSN got excited when he related the incident, as they totally had gone through that too.

Seungkwan shared that although no one ‘fessed up, his charger miraculously appeared on his bed again the next morning.

Dayoung also shared that she had snapped a photo of her precious cream and sent it to the group chat, saying she was extremely disappointed. However, to this day, the culprit is unknown.

Bona shared that even when you send photos of incidents, such as unwashed dishes, and politely ask people to clean up after themselves, no one bothers to own up.

As the recycling rules are strict in Korea, one has to rinse out disposable food containers before separating them for recycling.

This is to prevent bugs and mold. However, some members it seems, refuse to comply.

Exy shared that sometimes when delivery food is ordered and left uncleared after, she would send it to the groupchat. What surprised her is that the person would say that they weren’t done with the food, and was leaving it for tomorrow!

That was when Seungkwan got overly excited, as he related a story where Hoshi did not clear up his leftovers and instead told Seungkwan that he had left the food for him!

Netizens totally agreed with the frustrations of communal living, especially criticizing those that use other people’s items without permission.

Living in a dorm sure is tough – but perhaps entertainment agencies have the bigger picture in mind! Many older idols start moving out individually once they become both financially stable as well as gain some years in. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why!

Source: theqoo