SEVENTEEN Have Their Own Staff Avengers Saving Them From Complete Chaos

And we love them 3000.

Being a gigantic thirteen-membered group, SEVENTEEN is bound to face some complications when it comes to going places, doing things, and looking good while doing them. And because of the members’ playful and “beagle-y” natures, SEVENTEEN often falls into the pit of utter confusion and pure chaos. Thankfully, SEVENTEEN has an amazing set of staff members who always come and save their days – like their very own Avengers!


On an episode of Point of Omniscient Interfere, SEVENTEEN shared their usual routine in a day when they have a music program to attend. The show followed SEVENTEEN members up close and personal, but in the process, shed so much light on the people around SEVENTEEN and how much of their hard work goes into making the group successful in every way.


SEVENTEEN’s team of staff Avengers consists of three managers, three stylists, ten hair and make-up artists, and three assistants. Adding the thirteen members themselves, that is an army of 30-something people on the move together. The staff members are so organized though, that even as an XL-sized group, there is peace and order in how SEVENTEEN goes about their day.


Here’s the breakdown: The three managers are in charge of getting the members ready – starting with personally waking each and every one of them up in the morning and continuing to feeding them, driving them, and keeping track of them. Check out how one of their diligent managers was up and moving by 5:30 in the morning, buying breakfast for the members and distributing them evenly among three vans so everyone is well fed!


Even in the waiting room, where SEVENTEEN members prepare for their turn to perform on the music program, the managers’ work doesn’t stop. While the members make good use of the stand-by time to get some sleep, the manager stays up and watches – in case anything happens in the meanwhile. SEVENTEEN’s managers are like real-life superheroes for the members, keeping them safe from whatever could go wrong!


The managers are also in charge of monitoring SEVENTEEN’s rehearsals. Behind every flawless performance, there lies the managers’ hard work to make sure nothing goes wrong for SEVENTEEN members on stage. Viewers were completely wowed to see these managers’ level of dedication to the group!


As for the group’s stylists, these wonder women have SEVENTEEN’s awesomeness under control. They haul around luggage after luggage, carrying the members’ stage outfits. While it sounds hectic to keep track of thirteen different outfits, thirteen different sets of accessories, and thirteen different pairs of shoes, SEVENTEEN’s three stylists keep calm and carry on with dressing the boys to kill on stage.


SEVENTEEN member Mingyu explained that sometimes, the stylists have to look over 40+ luggages to make sure nothing goes missing – but these ladies are superhuman. They take charge and deliver every single time, year after year after year!

Sometimes, especially when we have concerts overseas, we end up packing over 40 luggages to carry all our different outfits. It’s crazy. We need a truck to move all of the luggages at once…

— SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu


SEVENTEEN members owe their radiance on stage to the hair and make-up artists as well. Because there are so many members, SEVENTEEN needs not one, but two salons to dispatch their best hair and make-up artists. A total of ten beauty professionals come to save the day and make the members look their best!


The hair and make-up artists show up and get down to business like real game changers. It doesn’t matter that the members are looking a little bushy from their nap time. These beauty gurus know exactly what they are doing.


Each member is given that magical touch and transformed into the SEVENTEEN that we know. Look how comfortable the members look while getting their hair and make-up done by the experts! CARATs can’t thank these artists enough for bringing out the best look in each of the members.


With all these people supporting the members, focused only on the group’s needs, SEVENTEEN is on a good path to success. On this particular episode, SEVENTEEN took their first-ever Show Champion win since debut! And the members know they owe it all to their staff Avengers.

And we can’t thank our staff team enough. We love you guys! Thank you!



The same goes for not only SEVENTEEN, but all K-Pop idols. For each successful boy/girl group, there is a team of amazing staff personnel that goes above and beyond. CARATs, and all other K-Pop fandoms, are extremely grateful for these behind-the-scene superheroes who are all about making the idols shine on stage!