SEVENTEEN’s The8 Didn’t Let The Haunted Staff Scare Him And Instead Reversed The Roles

The8 is the member you’d definitely want to take to a haunted house or abandoned building.

In the latest segment of SEVENTEEN‘s Going SEVENTEEN, the group tackled a haunted house with a twist. In their version, they separated to enter an abandoned building and find one of three keys to unlock the exit. There was one catch: “murderers” were on the loose to catch them and prevent them from escaping.

While some members were scared out of their minds, screaming at the top of their lungs, and took off running in fear, The8 wasn’t allowing the scary staff to make him react that same way. Instead, he reversed the roles and decided to scare them.

As soon as The8 entered the building, he was as chill as ever. There was a “murderer” waiting right inside the entrance. He calmly asked, “Where’s the key?” Although he didn’t receive an answer, The8 went right up to them and hugged them. With one of them out of the way, he got right down to business.

When he heard the footsteps of one of the “murderers” coming down the hallway, he decided to hide within a doorway. The8 popped out as soon as they came closer, successfully scaring them. They flinched from the surprise attack.

After getting away from them, The8 ran into the same one he’d hugged, who now resembled Pennywise from the balloon he was holding. He still wasn’t phased and focused on his task, “How does the key look like?

Even an old lady with a massive knife wasn’t enough to scare The8. As soon as he’d spotted her, he politely greeted her, “Hi,” before continuing on his way. That’s when he decided to have some more fun with the masked “murderer.”

Hiding inside another doorway, The8 patiently waited for their footsteps to get closer. When they’d come close enough, he popped out with a growl. Like before, they flinched and began to run after him.

If there’s one person you’d want to take to a haunted house or abandoned building, it would definitely be The8. Check out the humorous moments he breezed right by the scary “murderers” and even scared them.