SEVENTEEN’s The8 Goes Viral With Locals For Being Fearless In A Haunted House

He scared the monsters. 😂

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 is gaining rapid attention among non-K-Pop fans for his bravery in what is normally a terrifying haunted house.

The video has swiftly gained over 200K likes and 15K comments praising his hilarious role reversal tactics.

In the video, he can be seen startling the monsters…

…calmly asking them for advice on how to solve the haunted house’s puzzles…

…and excitedly cheering as if he’s playing tag with them!

Only the The8 would be this fearless and turn the haunted house into his own game of amusement.

The comments are equally as hilarious, congratulating him on his undying courage.

  • “He f*cking scared the guy chasing him”
  • “When u have overpowered character”
  • “That’s the one and only guy I’d be going into a haunted house with”

Lesson learned: If you ever find yourself going to a haunted house, make sure to ask The8 to come with you!