SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals His Favorite Tiger-Inspired Item

He is a pure tiger lover!

It is no secret that that SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi has a soft spot for tigers. From fans adopting two tigers in his name to wearing tiger patterned or printed outfits and buying tiger toys, he is crazy about them!

In an interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Hoshi was asked what his favorite tiger-inspired item was!

Without even a second’s thought, Hoshi replied that his phone case was his favorite and that he always has it with him.

Apart from representing something he loves, it isn’t just the tiger print that makes it so special. It is the fact that it stands out so much!

I can find my phone easily during the break. I lose my phone quite easily, but people recognize it from the case and return it to me.


There is no denying that it stands out, and it also fits in perfectly with Hoshi’s love for tigers! Hopefully, he won’t lose his phone too often but, if he does, everyone is bound to know who to return it to!

You can watch the whole interview below!