SF9’s Taeyang And Jaeyoon Made Kimchi For The Fans Supporting Them On ISAC

How sweet!

During ISAC season, it’s normal for idols to prepare food for the fans who support them. SF9‘s Jaeyoon and Taeyang brought it to another level; they made their very own kimchi for their fans!

Jaengtang Kimchi Yummy Flavor!

The idols documented how they made their kimchi, showing off their teamwork and skills in the kitchen. Jaeyoon and Taeyang definitely put all their love and hard-work into giving their fans the best kimchi. They used both cabbage and radish for their kimchi.

Fellow SF9 member Hwiyoung prepared bossam (Korean boiled-pork wraps) to perfectly match with the kimchi.

The kimchi is less pickled that most, and taste best matched with sour kimchi, according to fans. People who were lucky to get some have stated that it’s delicious, and they are extremely touched that the idols went through these efforts to make something themselves.

Source: Pann