Shindong Claims Neighboring Shops Sent an Underage Child to His PC Room in Attempt to Shut Him Down

Shindong’s PC Room was not welcome in the neighborhood.

In a past video of Heechul’s Shindong PC Room, Super Junior‘s Shindong shared a story about how neighboring shops tried to shut him down when he first opened his own PC Room.

The video, which was posted late last year, showed Heechul and Shindong discussing how to make their new PC Room succeed.

But that’s when Shindong revealed that he had his own PC Room business before he went off to the military.

I ran a PC Room business before I went off to the military.

– Shindong

And Heechul made the surprising remark that the other PC Rooms around that of Shindong weren’t very welcoming.

When Shindong first opened his PC Room, the other PC Rooms in the area had their guards up.

– Heechul

What’s even more shocking is Shindong’s claim that they called the police and then sent a minor to his PC Room after 10.

They called the police on me. And then they sent an underage child to my PC Room after 10.

– Shindong

According to the law in Korea, underage customers under 18 are only permitted to be in PC Rooms from 9 AM to 10 PM.

And in the case that a PC Room violated that rule, the owner could face confinement, fines, or even shutdown of their business.

In response to the disappointing reveal, netizens are leaving comments such as “They’re so jealous“, “Did they have to go that far?” and “That must’ve been so scary“.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight

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