SHINee Tried To Demonstrate Some “Easy” Home Workouts, But Even They Struggled To Do Them

They’re too funny 😂

Entertainment kings SHINee are finally back, and they’re as hilarious as ever! In a recent episode of 1theK Originals‘ “Prison Interview,” they were tasked with completing several challenges.

For one of the challenges, they had to recommend an at-home workout, and Minho went up first.

He demonstrated his favorite exercise, describing it as “simple and good.

You clasp your hands behind your head and simply stretch like this. If you do this, your external oblique abdominal muscle will be stretched.

— Minho 

Minho’s exercise gave Key the bright idea to try his own. He slowly sat on the floor and stretched his right leg, imitating a yoga move.

Everyone burst out laughing when they saw him, and Minho laughingly asked why he was recommending an exercise that he couldn’t even do well: “Hey, why are you recommending it when you can’t even reach it?

Not one to be outdone, Taemin gave the challenge a try. Hilariously, he recommended the b-boying technique “freeze,” which is definitely not easy for the average person to imitate at home!

His next recommendation to fans was yet another difficult one. It required lifting his entire body off the ground with arm strength alone.

To finish off the challenge, Minho asked Onew to give it a try. Onew readily sat on the floor to show off a “really easy” exercise, which turned out to be impossible even for him! He tried to turn his body around, only to fall flat on the ground.

Are you inspired to try any of SHINee’s “easy” home exercises for yourself? Catch more of the boys in the full episode below!

Source: 1theK Originals