SHINee’s Key Reveals Why He Didn’t Want Taemin To Visit Him In The Military

Taemin also jokingly teased Key a bit!

SHINee‘s Key has an honest and funny personality, and he recently shared the simple reason he didn’t want Taemin to visit him in the military.

SHINee’s Key

SHINee’s Taemin

In a recent Knowing Brothers episode, Taemin was asked if he ever visited any of the members when they were in the military. Taemin said that he didn’t, but he once came close and asked Key if he could visit. Key told Taemin not to come since he didn’t want to be “bothered.

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Key then explained that Taemin planned on visiting during a weekend, which is when soldiers usually rest. Key was physically exhausted and didn’t want to get dressed up to meet Taemin. After Key shared this, Taemin couldn’t help but laugh.

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Key ended up telling Taemin that they could meet after he was discharged!

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Taemin understood why Key said this, as he knew how exhausted Key must have been in the military. This didn’t stop Taemin from being a little playful, as he said that he was “happy” after Key rejected him, which caused Key to laugh.

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The SHINee members also mentioned that many female celebrities visited Key while he was in the military, such as Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, Soyou, BoA, and Red Velvet‘s Yeri. Taemin then playfully said that this was probably the reason why Key didn’t want to see him.

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Here’s the full video below!