SHINee’s Minho’s Adorable Moment With Kids Will Make Your Heart Flutter

He’s stolen my heart.

Fans are celebrating SHINee‘s Minho‘s return to The Return Of Superman, a childrearing reality TV show, due to his success on the show previously in 2018.


It’s widely known that Minho is quite good with kids, and he once again reminds us of this fact in The Return of Superman episode 369.

Minho feeding Jin Woo | KOCOWA TV/YouTube

It’s clear he’s a favorite from Kwanghee‘s conversation with Park Joo Ho‘s daughter Na Eun:

Kwanghee: Na Eun, what do you think of Uncle Minho?

Na Eun: He’s cool.

Kwanghee: What’s cool about him?

Na Eun: Everything about him is cool!

But what had viewers going ‘aww’ was Park Joo Ho’s youngest son Jin Woo‘s clear infatuation with Minho. As if watching Minho carefully watch over and feed Jin Woo wasn’t enough to make fans swoon, Jin Woo kept insisting on sharing his food and water with Minho, which Minho happily obliged.

Na Eun explained Jin Woo’s behavior as “maybe he thinks you’re cool.” I have to agree with that statement.