SHINee’s Minho Shares His Love For EXO Baekhyun’s “Bambi”

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Today, SHINee released their seventh repackaged album Atlantis. The members have been busy both working on and promoting their comeback. Despite a hectic schedule, Minho revealed that he still makes time to listen to others’ new releases as well.

| @SHINee/Twitter

In a recent fanmeeting, Minho was asked what music he has been listening to most recently. It came as no surprise that, like the rest of us, he’s got EXO‘s Baekhyun on repeat with his new solo mini-album release.

What songs do I listen to these days? Hmm.. these days I’ve been listening to Baekhyun’s songs a lot!

— Minho

Baekhyun | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

He even sang a little bit of Baekhyun’s title track “Bambi” for the Shawol! We’re hoping that one day Minho will release a full cover. 🙏

Minho has a great relationship with everyone within the SM Entertainment family, especially EXO. Get you a supportive friend like Minho!

Source: @SHINee and @weareoneEXO