SHINee’s Onew Listened To A Voice Message Left By A Fan— And His Sincere Response Is Melting Our Hearts

He’s thankful to hear his fans’ stories!

SHINee‘s Onew listened to voice messages that Shawols left for him, and his sweet and genuine reactions to each one is melting our hearts.

| SHINee/YouTube

One message in particular touched both Onew and other Shawols hearts. A particular fan addressed a flaw that Onew believes he has, which is not being able to express his feelings. She reassured him that that isn’t the case, for his feelings are expressed in different ways.

She also expressed her gratitude for SHINee’s return, and said it was clear how much Onew loves and values Shawols.

Onew was so touched by the sincere message that he was speechless for a moment, before saying a solemn “thank you.”

He shared that he hasn’t been super confident lately, but is constantly working on being better so that he won’t disappoint Shawols.

He ended with a simple promise: “So please wait a bit more. I’ll sing a lot, I will.” Watch the full video to see the other sweet voice messages below!

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