A fan asked Onew to make her heart flutter, what he did gave her a heart attack

It is common for fans to ask their idols for various types of fan services during fan signings but SHINee Onew has taken it to a whole new level.

A post written by a Shawol, SHINee’s fan club name, has been gaining much attention lately. It describes the fan’s encounter with Onew during a recent fan signing.


The writer of the post shared her conversation with the idol.


Me: Is it possible for you to write me a heart-fluttering message?

Jinki (Onew’s real name): A heart-fluttering message?

Me: I am going to read it on the bus when I go home. I won’t look at it!

Jinki: You’ll look at it on the bus?

Me: Yes!

Jinki: Um~~~~~~~(thinking hard) a heart-fluttering message… You can’t look!

Me: Okay keke Thank you~

This was followed by a picture of the signed album and Onew’s message.


It read, “You left your wallet here”.

Fans were amused by his message saying, “Oppa, not that kind of heart-flutter”.

Source: Instiz