SHINee Reveal The Brain Behind The English Phrases In The Songs Of SM Entertainment Artists

He is behind all the classics!

When listening to songs by SM Entertainment artists like SHINeeGirls’ Generation, and BoA, fans noticed that many of the tracks contained iconic English lines.

During a recent episode of MMTG, SHINee discussed the remix version of their classic track “Lucifer.” The version that they performed on tour was an example of one of the tracks that contained an English verse!

Key explained that he didn’t actually like the verse and found it confusing, even if it eventually grew on him!

Back then, I was like, does ‘Just gonna be with you’ make sense? While some of the lyrics don’t really make sense, they are fun to sing out.

He then brought up the fact that there is a similar verse in fellow SM Entertainment group Girls’ Generation’s remix of their track “Genie.”

MC JaeJae shared that South Korean singer-songwriter Yoo Young Jin, who wrote both “Lucifer” and “Genie,” really likes that kind of thing in songs. He is also the man responsible for the classic “Dibidibidis. My name is Minho” from the track “The SHINee World.”

Minho then revealed that Yoo Young Jin is behind many of these classic phrases. In particular, he looked at Super Junior’s performance of their latest track “House Party” on SBS‘s Inkigayo.

In the intro section, Minho explains that Yoo Young Jin added some parts to the performance that didn’t make any sense.

It seems as if Yoo Young Jin has also written for other artists and has included these iconic English phrases, including BIGBANG‘s iconic “Fantastic Baby.”

Even though the members joked about it, Minho actually added that he liked the addition to the song, saying, “I totally loved it!

Could there be some new classic lines from Yoo Young Jin in the future to add to this iconic list?

You can watch the whole video below!

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