SHINee’s Taemin Steals the Airport Spotlight with His Gorgeous Model Legs

Fans are both envious and worried that Taemin lost more weight.

SHINee‘s Taemin has recently been busy with his schedules abroad, and every time he lands back in Korea, he draws overwhelming attention from fans due to his long and thin legs.

On these occasions, Taemin wore skinny jeans and showed off his legs, which appeared to be as slim as those of an average female idol.

In particular, fans have been noticing how there is absolutely no gap between his legs.

In addition, Taemin has been flaunting an overall modelesque figure in all of his airport fashion outfits.

But regarding Taemin’s legs, fans are divided with comments such as “I‘m so jealous of his legs“, “He must have lost more weight from being so busy“, and “His legs are super skinny, but they look strong, too“.

Check out some more photos of Taemin below:

Source: Insight