SHINee’s Jonghyun spotted buying his mother this lavish gift

SHINee‘s Jonghyun has decided to use his hard-earned money to gift his mother a special luxury item.

Jonghyun was recently out and about doing a number of things, including a bit of car shopping. Idols buying cars is not something fans usually take too much notice of, but Jonghyun was evidently out on an extra-special errand that day. The car salesman who ultimately sold Jonghyun a vehicle, recognized him and posted the following picture on Instagram:

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The lucky car salesman’s photo was captioned as follows:

 “I was waiting for the car to be released and Jonghyun came. I received a signature and took a picture too. A filial son buying a car for his mother.”

— @chou__cream

It turns out Jonghyun was not purchasing a car for himself, but for his dear mother. One of the tags on the post reads “Porsche”, which hints at just what kind of luxury car he bought for her. Jonghyun wants only the best for his mother.