SHINee’s Key Lives In This 2 Billion Won Luxury Apartment All By Himself

SHINee‘s Key gave fans a look inside his expensive Cheongdam apartment and they still can’t get over how nice it is.

SHINee’s Key once had his own series on Mnet called Key’s Know-how. In the series, fans got to see Key’s daily life and receive helpful tips and life advice from the talented K-Pop star. The show also offered a glimpse into his lifestyle as a K-Pop star, from traveling and shopping to dressing up and performing, fans could see how extraordinary Key’s everyday life is.

Several of the episodes were especially exciting for Key’s fans as they got to have a look inside his ₩2 Billion Won (~$1.8 Million USD) apartment! Fans were treated to a view of Key’s vast closet, kitchen, living room, and even his bathroom. As it turns out, Key lives all alone with his dogs in this expensive apartment in Cheongdam.

Key has been working hard since his debut and no one can argue that he hasn’t earned this lavish apartment thanks to his hard work.

Check out Key’s expensive apartment below: