SHINee’s Minho Reveals The One Thing He Never, Ever Receives From Key

Will this inspire Key to finally get Minho something this year?

SHINee‘s Key and Minho appeared on the latest episode of Life Bar where they shared a surprising difference between the members.


Key pointed out that he is like the giving tree, especially when it comes to dating.

“Same sex or opposite sex, it doesn’t matter. If I like someone, I give all that I have. I feel like only when I pour myself out there, I get to know that person’s real side.” — Key


When host Shin Dong Yup asked what Key has done for Minho, Key playfully responded that he doesn’t like Minho that much.

“I only do that for people I really like.” — Key


Upon hearing this, Minho immediately complained that he never received such affection from Key though.

“I give him so many gifts, but he never gives me anything. I gave Key speakers and vacuum cleaners as gifts.” — Minho


Minho added he now expects something huge in return, for all the times that he gave Key something special.

“I’m starting to think he’s accumulating the small gifts for one huge gift. Now I can’t help but think he’ll buy me a house or a car.” — Minho


Key tried to explain it’s Minho’s fault because he doesn’t ever mention what he wants.

“I’m the type of person who openly says what I want for my birthday. I asked Minho to tell me what he wants so that I can get it for him. He doesn’t tell me though.” — Key


Minho admitted it isn’t as easy for him to ask Key for gifts.

“Key tells me exactly what he wants, down to the model number. I can’t do that though. It makes me uncomfortable.” — Minho


The episode helped fans see just how close Key and Minho have grown after all the years they spent together as SHINee. The boys seemed comfortable joking around and poking fun at each other!

Fans have even dubbed them the “Young-Ssang (영쌍 short for 영혼의 쌍둥이, spirit twins)”.

Source: Hankook Ilbo