This Show Host Forced a Fan to Kiss NCT’s Taeyong

The NCTzen tried to tell the host no.

During NCT‘s time in a Miami, the host of Despierta America spoke to a fan and suggested that she kiss Taeyong.

The NCTzen can be seen shaking her head to tell the host no, but he insists by holding her back and leading her towards the idol.

The fan had no choice but to approach Taeyong. If the video is zoomed in, however, it shows the fan didn’t actually kiss Taeyong. She just went close to his cheek and pretended to kiss him.

Fans are outraged that the host would do that to the fan. They said that it surely made both Taeyong and the fan uncomfortable, as well as the other NCT members.

Many are saying, however, that this is how people in Latin America and Latina/Latino people greet each other and that he was just trying to be respectful.

Some fans are also saying that the girl could have said no. It is important to note that she was being broadcast live on television and the host was insisting on her to kiss him, so she could have felt pressured to do so.