“The Silent Sea” Actor Gong Yoo Casually Acted Out Skits To Pass The Time—And Still Killed It

His acting skills don’t take a break!

Gong Yoo from the Netflix K-Drama The Silent Sea is a beloved actor for a reason.

Actor Gong Yoo in “The Silent Sea” | Netflix

He has proven time and time again that his skills are a cut above the rest.

While filming The Silent Sea, he acted out mini skits to pass the time. Even though the camera wasn’t officially rolling, his acting skills were top-notch! Check it out below.

1. Bodyguard

In this skit, Gong Yoo played the passionate bodyguard of a celebrity. He used his own body to block an overzealous fan from approaching.

Pretending to listen to his earpiece, he ran beside the car, making it seem like it was actually moving.

2. Esthetician

Next, Gong Yoo acted out the role of an esthetician at a spa. He expertly dished out the prices of basic and special facial treatments.

The basic facial treatment is 200,000 won. With our special face masks, it’s 300,000 won.

— Gong Yoo

3. Security guard

Last but not the least, Gong Yoo played a strict security guard at a checkpoint. When Lee Joon passed through, he sternly said, “Don’t touch it. Come on through. Arms up.”

The other cast members joked that he “was glaring with his eyes” even if he was speaking politely.

The icing on the cake was when he very seriously told Kim Sun Young to keep her hands up for no apparent reason! Everyone watching had a good laugh.

In case you missed it, watch the full interview below.

Source: YouTube