This simple Korean solution to call centre employee abuse is exactly what the world needs

A video showing abuse Korean call center employees go through has gone viral, and companies are making advances in getting it to stop.

In the video by I Am Your Energy, female call center employees share stories of the verbal abuse they’ve received from customers over the phone.

“Just sit there and take calls all your life. Pathetic, you’re not even a real employee.”

— Caller

The video highlights some of the rudest insults they’ve recorded from customers.

“Put a guy on the line you stupid b*tch! Can’t you f*cking understand me?”

— Caller

The women shared their thoughts on the abuse, and their words are truly heartbreaking.

“I couldn’t do anything and my hands were shaking.”

— Call center employee

“I wondered why I had to listen to these insults. Like others, I’m a precious daughter at home, too. I was so angry and frustrated.”

— Call center employee

I Am Your Energy has started to introduce ringback tones before customers are connected with employees.

Ringback tones are messages recorded by the employee’s loved one to remind callers that the women they talk to are real human beings with feelings.

Since the introduction of ringback tones, the number of abusive comments has significantly decreased, and the call center employees are much happier!

Check out the full video below!