Singaporean group going viral for this amazing Disney cover

With the decline in popularity of traditional instruments, this Singaporean band brings back its beautiful sound with a Disney medley. 

Singaporean band The Teng Ensemble created an amazing cover of everyone’s favorite Disney songs with a twist. With a fusion of Eastern and Western instruments, the six-person band performed a beautiful piece showing the evolution of Disney princess songs.

From Snow White to PocahontasMulan, and Brave, The Teng Ensemble perfectly brought together Southeast Asian culture and heritage with international modern tunes. The band used modern band staple instruments such as the keyboard, cello, and guitar, but also used traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa, the sheng, and the guzheng.

With only Disney’s Moana missing from the setlist, the band beautifully covered all of the Disney princess songs from 1937 to 2013 in this four-minute medley.

Check out the full video of their outstanding performance here!