Singer JUNE Releases New Album After 1 Year Hiatus, Talks About Possible Collab With BTS’s Suga

Who wants this collab to happen?

Singer JUNE, who released his first full-length album Today’s last year, has returned with a mini album. He made his debut in 2018 through Planetarium Record label’s first EP album and has been releasing his own style of music through his album.

On July 28 KST, he dropped his new album Ending, which talks about finding new change for those that are having a hard time. The title track “Anywhere,” has a hopeful message to those that wish to run away from their daily life.

During an interview, he revealed that it was hard for him to write music the last year. “I didn’t feel like going to my recording studio for the past year because I couldn’t concentrate. So I just took that time to go on trips and rest. I started to focus on my music at the beginning of this year. So this album’s concept is rest.”

JUNE, who is known for being a previous Big Hit Entertainment trainee, is now making his own path as a singer-songwriter.

I used to be a Big Hit trainee until I received an offer to make music for the company. I thought it would be a good idea to make music instead since I never really thought about becoming an idol. That is how I started producing and was able to produce my own music as well as a few songs for BTS including “Lost”, “Awake”, “Not Today”, etc.


JUNE is also known for being good friends with BTS’s Suga and revealed that a collaboration might be in the works. “I was going to work on a song with Suga but the timing wasn’t right so we are hoping to work again in the future. We are still constantly talking together about a collab through, although I am just someone who touches up a little bit on his music. The music we are thinking about is closer to hip-hop.”

Hopefully we get the collab soon! Meanwhile, take a listen to his new track “Anywhere” below!

Source: news1