This Singer is Nearly Unrecognizable After Losing 28kg

Former Superstar K contestant Kim Ji Soo has undergone an incredible transformation, having lost 28kg (approximately 62 lbs) through intense dieting and hardly looks like the same person at all!

Kim Ji Soo participated in the popular auditioning program Superstar K‘s 2nd season in 2010 and ended up ranking in the top 6 of all contestants. Having made it into the top 6, Ji Soo was given the opportunity to join Pastel Music with whom he released his debut mini-album in 2011.

Kim Ji Soo in 2010.

He was easily recognizable due to his iconic look as Kim Ji Soo had short black hair, dark-rimmed glasses, and a sparse beard and mustache.

Now, after losing 28 kg, Kim Ji Soo is a completely changed man with a totally different image. When asked what had changed the most about him, Kim Ji Soo replied:

“I couldn’t really control my appetite back then, but now I know how to completely control it.”

— Kim Ji Soo

Check out how much he has changed in the photos below!

He has a much cleaner look now!
He takes selfies with more confidence.
He looks like a completely different person!
Kim Ji Soo definitely looks younger.
Kim Ji Soo is an inspiration to all those trying to get more fit!

Source: Dispatch