“Single’s Inferno’s” Kang So Yeon Looks Stunning As Maxim Korea’s Cover Model

She looks absolutely gorgeous.

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In the midst of the publicity around the cast of the recent Netflix show Single’s Inferno, boxing gym owner Kang So Yeon has been selected as Maxim Korea‘s cover model for their most recent issue.

Single’s Inferno is a Koreandating show reminiscent of some Western dating shows like Love Island or Bachelor in Paradise. All the contestants tried to find love in the show and go home as part of a couple.

Single’s Inferno | Netflix

In the show, So Yeon was quickly drawn to Oh Jin Taek, which left viewers both rooting for So Yeon and criticizing Jin Taek’s impulse in also going after another contestant, Shin Ji Yeon.

But the show ended happily for So Yeon and Jin Taek, with the two leaving the island together. And there are even rumors that they have continued dating since filming.

Oh Jin Taek (left) and Kang So Yeon (right) on Single’s Inferno | Netflix

Due to her popularity with fans and the show’s overall success, it comes as no surprise that the former K-Pop idol and current boxing gym, HitFit, owner would be chosen to model for a magazine.

And So Yeon certainly did not disappoint fans with her stunning figure in the images.

She showed off her athletic figure and a confident smile, highlighted by pretty shades of red and orange.

Kang So Yeon | @kangsoyeon__/Instagram

And it doesn’t come as a surprise that she’s an excellent model given her previous time spent as a K-Pop idol in co-ed group WE.

| Stone Music Entertainment

One can only hope So Yeon is given more opportunities like this to show off her beauty in the future!

| @kangsoyeon__/Instagram

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