Fans Are Outraged Over The Major Catch In SM Entertainment’s “ACE” Fanclub Membership

NCTzens, in particular, aren’t happy with the membership:

SM Entertainment has opened up recruitment for the official fanclubs of EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, and more, but there’s a catch that has made many fans unhappy.


Over the past couple of days, SM Entertainment making “ACE” membership available to many of their artists’ fandoms. This special fanclub membership provides a special membership card, welcome kit, access to exclusive online content, and priority for participation in various offline events to those who pay to be a member.


For many of the fandoms who’ve had “ACE” membership open up, it’s the first time it’s been available to them. The only problem is there’s a major catch for one fandom and some disappointment for others.


The registration for NCTzens recently opened up and fans were extremely excited to have another way to interact with NCT. The only problem is, the membership isn’t for NCT. SM Entertainment has only opened up “ACE” membership for NCT 127 so far.


When NCTzens found out that they would only be granted membership for NCT 127 if they decided to sign up, they weren’t happy since they would much rather give support to all of the members versus a single subunit. Fans have been releasing their frustrations online and begging the company to open it to NCT as a whole.


They’ve especially been bringing in the argument of cost since the initial registration costs 35,000 won (about $31) with a renewal fee of 15,000 won (about $13) per year. Which means, supporting all the NCT members and their subunits would come with a pretty hefty price tag.


NCTzens aren’t the only ones who have been feeling upset with the system. BoA and f(x) fans have been feeling left out as they have yet to have “ACE” membership offered to them.


Fans would love to support their favorite artists in this way and are hoping that SM Entertainment will make some changes to this fanclub program so that it works for every fan.