Netizens Have Mixed Reactions Over SM Entertainment’s New Fanclub Logos

“These logos remind me of Harry Potter…” — Netizen

SM Entertainment has registered new fanclub logos for their artists that are drawing mixed results from netizens. Check them out below!

1. Red Velvet — ReVeluv

Previously, the ReVeluv logo has written in cursive in the shape of a bow.



The new logo took inspiration from the bow by intertwining the letters R and V made out of ribbon.


2. EXO — EXO-L

EXO-L’s logo has changed throughout the years and gone through a variety of styles.

The newest version combines the letters E, X, and O inside of a shield emblem with EXO’s logo placed above.

3. SHINee — SHINee World (Shawol)

SHINee World, also known as Shawols, also have had various logos throughout the years, including the fanclub name written inside a ring.

Sticking with the fandom’s aqua-green color, a diamond is in the center of the new emblem.

4. Girls Generation — SONE

There are clear similarities between the previous SONE logo and the new one.

Utilizing both hearts and crowns, the logo sticks to the same shades of pink.

5. Super Junior — ELF

The original ELF logo had a unique design that gave fans polarizing opinions.

The new logo chose to make the word “E.L.F” much smaller and instead focus on the large initials of Super Junior.

6. NCT — NCTzen

Previously, the NCTzen logo was an extension of the NCT logo.

Now, the full acronym of the group’s name is shown below the “NCT” letters in the middle and the official fanclub name at the top.

7. NCT 127 — NCTzen 127

The NCT subunits all have slight variations of the new logo. For the NCTzen 127 logo, the middle letters were replaced by “127” as well as a slight color change.

8. NCT Dream — NCTzen Dream

Similarly, NCTzen Dream’s logo varies slightly in color and logo.

9. WayV — WayZenNi

Finally, WayZenNi get their own variation as well.

10. BoA — Jumping BoA

Jumping BoA’s old logo was written in this traditional style font.

| @nene0101/

The new logo, however, is condensed into an emblem with BoA’s name and the fanclub name below.

11. TVXQ — Cassiopeia

Named after the 5-star constellation, Cassiopeia were often represented by the symbol itself.

The current logo has TVXQ’s logo in the middle with both the group’s name and fanclub name outside.

While some people think they give a classy and neat vibe reminiscent of a university logo, others think they are a bit outdated and could be simplified.

-BoA and Red Velvet’s logos are so pretty…

-TVXQ’s logo reminds me of a football club… Manchester Unitedㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Hul… I seriously thought these logos were pretty, but the comments say otherwise…

-Those look like school logos…

-I’m an EXO-L and I’m not happy with our logo…

— TheQoo netizens’ comments

Source: TheQoo