A Snippet Of An Unreleased Version Of Jennie’s “SOLO” Can Be Heard In Her Most Recent Instagram Post

If you don’t listen closely, you might miss it.

On May 14, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie uploaded a series of behind-the-scenes footage and pictures to celebrate “SOLO” getting 300 million views on YouTube.

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To celebrate solo’s 300M views ❤️

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In the first clip she shared, “SOLO” is playing in the background, but the lyrics are a little bit different than the version that we all know and love. In this version rather than “this time I’m only looking at me, myself, and I,” Jennie can be heard singing “this time I’m only dealing with me, myself, and I”.

As she referenced “trouble in [his] eyes” in the line before, changing it from “dealing with” to “looking at” was a subtle yet powerful move on the part of the songwriters.

This emphasizes the fact that songwriting is such a fluid process. Skilled songwriters can find small ways to improve upon a song even after the recording is “finished” and the music video is being filmed. Kudos to Teddy and to all of the talented songwriters of K-Pop!