Sohee Adorably Greets Her Fans In Sign Language For “Day Of The Disabled”

Sohee wanted to include fans of all different backgrounds.

April 20 is the Day of the Disabled in Korea! This day was established to promote awareness and understanding of those with disabilities and to push welfare to provide opportunities to these individuals.

| 안소희/YouTube

In celebration of this day, Sohee shared a special message for her fans in sign language!

The video was uploaded to YouTube with the title “I wrote a special letter for my subscribers | Day of the Disabled.

| 안소희/YouTube

Sohee shared that when she began her YouTube channel, it made her realize that communication is essential. She wished to learn sign language on this special day so that she could speak directly to fans through it.

Sohee showed how she came to learn sign language, including a short clip of her attending school to learn. She expressed how she truly wants to officially learn the language as well as the issues surrounding disability.

| 안소희/YouTube

Netizens who saw the video were impressed with Sohee’s efforts and fell in love with her caring nature.

  • “I’m so proud to be Sohee’s fan.”
  • “I’m so happy that she put in this much effort.”
  • “I’m actually the mother of a disabled child, and I’m really thankful that this video promotes understanding and acceptance.”
  • “She’s an angel.”

Watch her full video below!

Source: Wikitree