MAMAMOO’s Solar Gets Adventurous With Turkish Cuisine But Couldn’t Take More Than One Sip Of This Beverage

She went out of her comfort zone to try food she normally doesn’t eat.

In her latest episode of Solar Eats, a segment of her vlog Solarsido, MAMAMOO‘s Solar tried Turkish cuisine and shared her feedback on all the items she tasted.

Solar Eats was her avenue for getting more adventurous with food, since she admitted she does not really like eating foreign cuisine. The segment gave her opportunities to taste other cuisines and discover food beyond her comfort zone.

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She went for the Beef Kebab, passing up the vegetable side dishes because she was not a fan of vegetables. The strong flavors of the Beef Kebab appealed to her, and the mix of foreign spices on the meat pleased her palate.

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She also liked the lamb, especially when dipped in the chili sauce provided. There was a brief struggle with the Lamb Kebab though.

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She took a sip of Ayran, a yogurt-based beverage. Clearly, she didn’t like the taste of this beverage and set it aside after taking just a sip

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Solar tasted and liked the Cheese Pide and Kaymak breads. Cheese Pide tasted like pizza, but was more savory. The Cheese Pide was a little greasy but there was another type of tea served hot, which helped Solar feel refreshed.

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For dessert, she had Turkish ice cream and some Baklava, a kind of Filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and honey. After having spoonfuls of the luscious desserts, she had tea again, appreciating how the tea made her feel less full.

Solar strongly recommended the Lamb Kebab and Cheese Pide as her favorites. She liked how Turkish spices blended well with other ingredients and produced a distinct taste. Again, she mentioned she didn’t like the Ayran tea, the taste was just too difficult for her to understand!

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