Somi Perfectly Pranked CLC’s Eunbin And MOMOLAND’s JooE During Her Live

JooE and Eunbin didn’t see it coming:

When Somi knew CLC‘s Eunbin and MOMOLAND‘s JooE would be stopping by her birthday livestream, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to carry out the ultimate prank on her friends!

Kicking off her birthday live, Somi let fans in on a little secret. Somi revealed she knew Eunbin and JooE would be stopping by to surprise her and in return. Since she already knew they were coming, however, she decided she would surprise them instead!

I’m usually not good at knowing this, but I think they’re going to come in later. I think I have to pretend not to know. I think I have to pretend like I don’t know. They might think they are tricking me, but it’s a double prank!

— Somi

Later, when JooE and Eunbin made their “surprise” entrance, Somi put her own prank plans into action! As they made their way into the room with a cake as Somi’s hit song “Birthday” played, Somi pretended to act absolutely shocked to see them!

With JooE and Eunbin pretty convinced they had successfully carried out their birthday surprise, Somi began leading them into dancing along to the song…

And leading them right into her trap! As they danced along, Somi pretended to burst into tears!

Seeing Somi cry, Eunbi and JooE were absolutely stunned and quickly tried to figure out exactly what was wrong!

But it didn’t take long for them to find out they had fallen right into Somi’s trap when Somi suddenly popped right back up and continued dancing! After completely falling for the prank, Eunbin and JooE only had one option — rejoin in the dancing!

There’s no doubt Somi had an absolute blast on her birthday as she pranked her friends and more during her live! Check out more of Somi, Eunbin, and JooE’s livestream fun below: