Fans Are Calling Somi “Jennie’s Daughter” After She Sang And Danced To “Solo”

She absolutely nailed the choreography:

Somi and her BLACKPINK unnies have been melting everybody’s heart lately, especially with all the sweet moments they have shared since Somi made her official debut! And after Somi’s latest show of love for them, fans have been calling her “Jennie’s daughter.”


During the latest episode of Idol Room, Somi appeared and not only showed off her variety show skills, but she also blew everyone away with her amazing dance covers. She flawlessly danced to songs by ITZY, TWICE, Chungha, and BLACKPINK and while every single one of them was amazing…


It was her cover of Jennie’s “Solo” that really wowed!


Somi perfectly nailed the moves and didn’t miss a single step all the while quietly singing along to the song.


When she was done, even Defconn and Jung Hyung Don were left speechless.


But the moment has also captured the hearts of fans who have been giving Somi the nickname “Jennie’s daughter” for her flawless cover.


This isn’t the first time, however, that Somi has been called by this nickname. Somi has been called “Jennie’s daughter” for a while now thanks to her fearless stage presence, skill, and adorable relationship with Jennie.


And it doesn’t look like this nickname is going anywhere soon! What do you think of it?