Somi Showed What’s In Her Purse — And It’s Relatable AF

Salt and vinegar Pringles? Check.

Somi did the “What’s in my Purse” challenge for Vogue Korea…and the adorable selection of contents she shows will remind you just how young she is!

She immediately pulls out a whole can of salt and vinegar flavored Pringles because, well, you never know when you’ll need some.

The same logic can be applied to this bottle of truffle hot sauce. Really, you never want to be caught without your hot sauce.

Next, she switches gears and pulls out men’s deodorant. She says it’s a must-have for the sweaty summer months and works more efficiently than women’s deodorant.

She then pulls out some Beats by Dre earbuds for pristine quality music listening — but doesn’t fail to use the case as a castanet before moving on to the next item.

She also shows a rubber band for working out that can be used for a bunch of different exercises when placed around both legs.

She also shows her go-to designer perfumes, which are YSL Libre and Jo Malon Basil & Neroli.

Her favorite makeup essential is Kiss Me Heroine Long and Curl Waterproof Mascara which gives her lashes a natural darker tint while keeping the curled shape intact.

Watch her explanation for these must-have items and more below!