Somi Had The Perfect Gift For BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Rosé Thanks To Lisa

Lisa wanted Somi to add one finishing touch.

In Somi‘s I Am Somi, she’s had some very special guests such as longtime friend TWICE‘s Chaeyoung. In the latest episode, she and Teddy met another one during their time in the studio: BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

With her help, Somi was able to gift Jennie and Rosé with a surprise they’d be more than thankful to enjoy.

Since they were in the studio, they couldn’t pass up the chance to order some tasty food. Pulling out an entire fried chicken, Somi and Lisa picked their favorite pieces and dug right in.

Most likely thinking of how well a drink completes a meal, Somi mentioned something she’d experienced for the first time, “I have a funny story. I like makgeolli. So, I went to make makgeolli as part of the reality show.”

After hearing about it, Lisa thought to share something about her members that was related to the subject. Lisa revealed, “Jennie and Rosé really like makgeolli.” Somi hadn’t known, asking, “Really?”

That gave Somi an idea. She left the studio, making sure to avoid Teddy, to bring back a bag full of bottles.

It had been the bottles of homemade makgeolli she’d created during the visit she’d mentioned. Somi pulled out one and wrapped a label around it, handing it to Lisa.

She then pulled out another bottle that was already labeled and set it down, “For Jennie unnie.” Somi had also placed another bottle down beside that one. Even though that was a lovely gift all on its own, Lisa had a suggestion.

Reaching for one of the bottles, Lisa asked, “Then, can I ask for an autograph?” As she laughed, Somi kept the playful vibe going. She took the bottle and pulled out a marker, “Oh, course.”

With three bottles of one of their favorite drinks between them, the girls of BLACKPINK would definitely have one fun girl’s night.

Lisa knows exactly what her members like. If she hadn’t mentioned it, Jennie and Rosé might not have been able to get their hands on Somi’s special blend of “Somiju.”

See Somi sneak past Teddy to bring out some of her homemade makgeolli to gift Jennie and Rosé, thanks to Lisa’s influence.