Somi Reveals She’s Become So Addicted To Sky Diving That She Wants To Go Once A Week

She’s a real daredevil

Somi recently sat down for a recent episode with “IDDP” for 1theK where she revealed her new addiction to skydiving!

During her IDDP episode, Somi pulled up a video she posted of herself skydiving. Somi mentioned how she had gone skydiving with her father not too long ago and already wants to go again.

Somi and her father are quite adventurous and enjoy doing a lot of fun and physical activities so it’s no surprise that she loved skydiving. Somi expressed that she loves skydiving so much that she “May have to do it once a week. I got a bit addicted to it.

When asked by staff members behind the camera whether it was scary or not, Somi assured them it was really fun.

No, when the parachute opened, I even told the instructor, ‘Please turn and make it more exciting.’ I went, ‘More more more.’ So, we kept spinning around. Yes, it was fun.

— Somi

Check out the video below: