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“Vincenzo” Actor Kim Young Woong Reveals He Made Mistakes On Set Due To Song Joong Ki’s Beauty

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A Nintendo Wii Is The Reason ASTRO’s Rocky Became An Idol, He Reveals—Here’s How

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NCT Dream Reveals They Monitor The Chart Results Every 30 Minutes — Here’s What They’ve Been Doing

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Billboard Under Fire For Not Including BTS V’s Teaser Video

ARMYs call out Billboard and trend “BTS is 7” on Twitter.

Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Calls Out Her Haters In Latest Instagram Post

“They are trash and I pity them.”

McDonald’s Teases Release Dates For The BTS Meal Promotions

We might be getting photocards after all?! 👀

Han So Hee Will Reportedly Replace Seo Ye Ji In Upcoming OCN K-Drama “Island”

She would take over following Seo Ye Ji’s controversy.

TXT’s Newest Trailer Accused Of Plagiarizing Burberry Ad — Burberry’s Director Responds

“It’s obviously inspired, but I don’t mind.”

Producer Na Young Seok Asks BTS’s Jungkook To Use His “Sold Out King” Title To Promote His Show

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These Are The Shortest To Tallest Average Heights Of 16 Fourth Generation K-Pop Boy Groups

The difference between the shortest and tallest averages is almost 4″!

4 Times BTS And Their Staff Were Ready To “Throw Hands” At Each Other

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Netizens Are Gushing Over TXT Yeonjun’s Black Hair, And So Are We

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