Somi and Sohye Talk About I.O.I’s Past and Future

Somi and Sohye were guests at a radio show and talked about their days with I.O.I and how they see the future of I.O.I.

On the February 28 episode of “Afternoon Escape: Cultwo Show” on SBS Power FM, Somi and Sohye showed their close bond as they talked about I.O.I.

The girls confessed that it was nearly a month and a half since they last saw each other before the radio show. They expressed their happiness at being able to see each other again.

Sohye said that Somi looked more womanlike and Somi chimed in right after and said that Sohye’s fashion sense and style had improved a lot.

As the two got comfortable on the show, they finally talked about I.O.I. Sohye said the following when she thought back to her days on I.O.I and Produce 101.

“Back then it was really tough and hard. It was really overwhelming but I really tried my best back then.”

– Sohye

Somi didn’t elaborate on what Sohye said extensively but added a small comment, saying that it was really overwhelming but fun.

Both of them said that the I.O.I members have a private conversation group and the girls talk often. The I.O.I girls even talked about a comeback possibility again but nothing was set in stone.

They did agree to at least keep 5 years as a projected goal for a comeback.

Watch the full radio show below!