Somi talks about her relationship with I.O.I members after breaking up

They’re no longer working together as a group, but Somi still keeps in touch with her former members.

In a video posted to Twitter, Somi spoke about her former I.O.I members, and how she’s been feeling since the group came to an end.

She began by sharing how she recently saw Sejeong and Mina with the rest of their group, Gugudan, and was greeted fondly by both of them, with Mina even giving her a hug!

She also added that it still hasn’t hit her that they’re not all in the same group anymore, and she that still feels as if they’re together.

She went on to reassure fans that she’s fine and doesn’t feel lonely at all, since she still talks to the other girls every day!

Check out this cute video of Somi talking about her fellow members below: