Somi Talks About The Struggles Of Being An Idol In High School

Jeon Somi reveals a few of her personal struggles with being an idol and a high school student, and it’s not easy.

In a teaser for KBS‘s upcoming entertainment program, Idol Drama Operation Team, Somi gave a glimpse into what it’s like for an idol to be attending school. She responded to various questions in the brief segment including what it was like for to attend regular school as an idol.

Somi explained that many students start crowding around her as soon as she enters the gates, and that they bombard her with questions about other idols and whether she’s interacted with them.

Somi says her school mates often ask her if she has talked to EXO or BTS.

Essentially, for Somi, a day at school feels more like attending a fan meeting than it does an academic pursuit, which goes to show just how difficult it must be for her to make genuine friends since her debut.

Somi then confessed that, sadly, she doesn’t feel as though she has any friends she can full open up to and confide in.

Watch the full teaser for Idol Drama Operation Team here: