Somi’s Thoughts On Marriage Have Changed Throughout 3 Years — Here’s How

The change is drastic.

Soloist Somi has always been a huge romantic softie and all her fans will know it! Growing up in a loving family, she’s dreamt of having her own family as well. Back in 2019, she claimed on broadcast that she wanted to marry by the age of 27 (South Korean age) and that she wished for a happy and stable life.

She reinforced this thought a year later in 2021, after watching a video of another couple, Lee Jung Hyun and her non-celebrity husband. Somi wanted to marry quickly as it would be fun.

Just a month later, it seems that Somi changed her mind yet again. This time, she felt that it was best to postpone marriage plans as she had no intentions to date just of yet.

Now, in 2021, Somi has changed her views yet again. While she previously only said she would postpone her marriage plans, at 21, Somi now has decided that she just does not want to get married at all.

Honestly, in this economy, a wise decision! We respect whatever Somi wants to do with her life!

Source: theqoo