Song Ji Hyo Once Burst Into Tears Because Of Lee Kwang Soo’s Words

He spoke directly to her.

Lee Kwang Soo‘s award acceptance speech at the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards caught the attention of many netizens due to Song Ji Hyo‘s very emotional reaction.

In his acceptance speech for the “Top Excellence Award,” Lee Kwang Soo relayed his love for the cast and crew of Running Man. He then referred to Song Ji Hyo as his “real older sister.”

After hearing his kind words, Song Ji Hyo couldn’t hold back her tears and started to cry at her table.

Many netizens believe that Song Ji Hyo was emotional due to the controversy surrounding Running Man at the time.

Song Ji hyo and Kim Jong Kook had initially been fired from the show just a few weeks prior. This caused outrage amongst fans who believed the two stars were being treated unfairly by the staff, which then led to Running Man announcing that they would be ending the show.

Although the cast and crew were able to work out their differences to prevent the show from ending, all of the Running Man cast members attended the awards show in a sign of solidarity. Like Song Ji Hyo, the rest of the cast members were quite emotional during the acceptance speech.

Such a big victory for the show’s maknae member was definitely a very important win for Running Man, especially when the members requested that they only receive 1 award that year.

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Watch Kwangsoo’s Acceptance Speech Below: