Song Joong Ki Appeared with a New Hair Style That Made Him Look like a Handsome College “Oppa”

It’s hard to believe he’s 35 years old.

The stars of tvN’s Arthdal Chronicles recently appeared on a Kakao TV live chat where they took some time to chat with their fans ahead of the drama’s premiere.

On this day, Song Joong Ki appeared with a new hair color that especially stood out to viewers.

It wasn’t long ago that he attended the Arthdal Chronicles press conference flaunting brown wavy hair, so his black straight hair made for quite the transformation.

Song Joong Ki is capable of pulling off pretty much anything, but his new hairstyle especially accentuated his handsome face that made him look like a popular campus “oppa”.

He looked so vibrant and youthful, that his true age of 35 years old almost seemed like a lie.

Since Song Joong Ki’s face is very hidden in the drama due to all the facial hair his character has, fans are happy to see him showing off his handsome young face complimented by his new hairdo in other TV appearances.

Source: Dispatch