Song Joong Ki Proves Just How Loyal He Is When It Comes To Friendship

On January 21, Park Si Yeon updated her Instagram with a photo taken with her best friend, Song Joong Ki.

Song Joong Ki and Park Si Yeon were revealed to have become very good friends since 2012, where they starred together in the KBS television series, The Innocent Man.

The photos showed Park Si Yeon and Song Joong Ki posing with their arms around each others shoulders, as well as a group photo taken with a member of her family including her niece.

Park Si Yeon explained that “Joong Ki visited the filming set,” accompanied by several hashtags outlining how his spontaneous visit had made her day, such as #thankyou, #loyalguysongjoongki, and #lookslikeafamilyphoto.


Many fans were excited to see Song Joong Ki again, as it had been a while since he made any appearances in films or television series.

Source: Herald Corporation