Song Kang Before He Lost 20 Pounds Gives off Total Teddy Bear Vibes

Photos of Song Kang before he lost 20 pounds have been circulating online.

Past photos of Song Kang have surfaced in online communities, and he looked like an absolute teddy bear before he lost 20 pounds.

The photos are from back in 2017 when he starred in tvN’s The Liar and His Lover, and although his features haven’t changed one bit, he had cuter cheeks back then than he does now.

His soft cheeks almost make him look like a puppy or a teddy bear, and it’s enough to make even non-fans smile.

With Song Kang’s stunning visuals, it’s just a matter of time before everyone falls for his charms, whether he’s 20 pounds heavier or lighter.

Fans who saw these photos are responding with comments such as “He still looks so good” and “I wish I looked like that when I gain 20 pounds“.

It’s been reported that Song Kang dieted to lose 20 pounds for his recent role in the Netflix drama, Love Alarm.

Source: Insight