Sooyoung Leaks Information On Girls Generation’s Upcoming Comeback

Sooyoung took the time to interact with her fans while in Spain, where she shared a special birthday wish and foretold a Girl’s Generation comeback for later this year.

Sooyoung was in Madrid for a fashion shoot with Bimba Y Lola for Instyle March 2017. The company has been one to watch in Spain for the past few years.

Although Sooyoung’s birthday isn’t until February 10, some fans could not pass up the chance to celebrate with her. In celebration, they prepared a mini event with a cake and Sooyoung of course shared this on her Instagram story.

Sooyoung’s IG story

Surprise birthday party in Spain on Sooyoung’s IG story

The fans asked Sooyoung to make a wish when she blew out her candles and she adorably said “world tour in Europe”, which got her Spanish SONE‘s cheering. In another instance, a fan on twitter recounted a moment where she asked Sooyoung about a Girls’ Generation comeback and she replied that it would be during the second half of the year.

When asked if the news was true, the fan replied on their twitter saying that at first Sooyoung didn’t understand the question but once she did, she said “oh the second half”.

So far there have been no official news regarding a Girls’ Generation comeback from SM Entertainment, but it is reassuring to hear of the possibility from Sooyoung. Girl’s Generation has not had a comeback since 2015 but did release “Sailing0805” for SM Station in the Fall of 2016. The hope that Girls’ Generation will make their return this year is truly exciting as it will mark their 10 year anniversary.