South Korean women expected to have longest life expectancy on Earth

South Korea is dominating other countries in life expectancy rates, as a recent study suggests.

According to a study published by The Lancet Journal, South Korean women born in 2030 will live up to 90 years – a stunning change from previous rates. Especially when compared to those born just two decades prior in 2010, who are predicted to live 84 years. Life expectancy for men saw quite a jump as well (although it kept below that of women), and is expected to increase to 84 from a mere 77.

Overall, women are expected to live longer by a total of 6 more years than those born before them.

This jump for women also continued to beat out several other countries rates, including Spain and Portugal among others.

South Korean women are the only demographic group to break the 90-year barrier. / Source:CNN.COM

It seems that the country has gotten many things right – early life nutrition, excellent health care, and healthy lifestyle habits are pointed out as the reasons for these groundbreaking findings. South Korea has already established its position as one of the most technologically developed countries in the world.

As a result of this study, the country is becoming acknowledged as a place where living well is embedded in its culture. Fewer people smoke, their body mass index is lower, and the eating habits are better when compared globally.

We already know about things South Korea does better than anyone else, but now it looks like the world should be taking a page from more than just fashion trends of favorite K-Pop idols!

Source: CNN