This Korean Youtuber is becoming famous with her very unique talent

One South Korean YouTuber is gaining a lot of love around the world for her amazing cover of a popular anime OST track.

Naruto Shippuden is one of the most popular anime in the world with an amazing range of different genre tracks for its OST albums. One popular track is titled “Silouhette,” which singer Raon Lee decided to release a cover for in May of 2015.

Showing that she can overcome the language barrier, she wows listeners with her flawless singing and rendition of the track. On top of her vocals, she is also being praised for her beauty as well.

The cover video has grown so popular that is has accumulated over 21.8 million views in 17 months.

Other songs she has covered include OST tracks from anime Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul, as well as various other Naruto Shippuden tracks.

Raon uploaded her first cover, “Daze”, the opening theme of “Mekakucity Actors” in October 2014

She continues to communicate with her fans not only through her Youtube channel but her Instagram as well where she often posts short clips of herself filming or rehearsing as well as photos from her daily life.